Vida’s Initial Work-out routine

My workout routine as of now lately consists of a bunch of Pilates / Yoga exercises, a few Tai Chi movements, and about everything I need to do as “homework” for my regular physiotherapy sessions.

The plan is to tell you a lil more about the reason why I see the physiotherapist regularly, but for now just keep in mind that I am diagnosed with the Hypermobility Syndrome (among others…). I frequently use my own hashtag #SincerelyHypermobile #SalutingThePain #InvisibleButChronic or more common i will just use: #HypermobilitySyndrome #HMS #BeingBrave

So, as I stated before, before I wandered of about HMS, I have a workout routine like many of you readers probably have. And if you don’t have one, believe me, it is very simple to come up with a plan. The whole entire internet is filled with fun plans, videos, descriptions, tutorials, routines, tips & tricks, you name it.

Seriously, you don’t need to be a genius, to come up with your own personalized routine. THOUGH it would be handy if you had some professional help. Especially considering those who need professional guidance, like myself. Get a trainer, instructor and workout a plan just for you. ALWAYS consult your doctor as well. Your doctor will surely be happy to hear that you put some effort in staying fit and keeping healthy. Believe me they might need their practice to be visited by patients, but they also support a healthy lifestyle and less stress.

Did I mention before that i might wander off? It is just because I didn’t write an outline for this article. And everything I write about is from my own experience and own research. Ok back to the story:

My workout plan consists of a specific set of warming up exercises, which also include the vital stretches needed to get my joints loose and my muscles warm. After this I either do some endurance and strength for my arms, upper-body and lower back, then I focus on my core, abs and lower back, or legs, buttocks and lower back. Notice the fact that I repeat lower back. It all starts with core stability though. If the core is strengthened, than the lower back gets better support. And my lower back is a delicate one.

My workout routine always end up in some dancing around the room on either Dance/House music, Reggaeton, Belly Dance, Calypso, or just any Latin-American music.

Yes, it IS true that music helps out to get and stay in the mood. It relaxes, it motivates and it just makes me happier to work out with music.

My equipment is basic. I can just do with a yoga mat or a bath towel. But I add some weights to it. Dumbbells. 1/2 kg and 1 kg. It helps a lot to wear workout shoes and you will be able to do some exercises, or even most, with a good pair of sneakers. For my core-stability exercises I use a Pilates ball (Swissball, Yoga Ball, etc.). I recently started using tennis balls for self massage techniques. I’ve got a stretchy string thing (i do not know the name) that can either be used to train the arms or for leg exercises.

But if you do not have any of these: USE AN OLD BATHTOWEL for the exercises on the floor. And waterbottles as weights.

Anddd if you are a woman with an big chest: invest in sportsbra, please.

As this is my initial workout routine for the morning, I also use it in the evening. Daily or at least one time per day. I can do this 3 times a week minimum. But my joints have special needs: two times per day. And frequently joint stretches at work to loosen up and prevent sore joints & muscles caused by stiff joints and to even prevent small injuries due to stiffness.

Sounds like a lot of time to spend? Nope actually it is not. Just 30 minutes per session. Though usually I use a full hour in the evening, about 2o minutes in the morning, 15 minutes at work anddd about an hour in the morning on weekends.
Let me tell you a small secret: during all these routines I also have a lot of Yoga movements which allow my lower back & the whole body some rest… and sometimes even a small nap. 😉 As long as my body exercises and rests, because we need time to heal as well. And what better way to nap after the workout?

The results I get are not immediately visible within a week. BUT I do feel it in my system. My body tones and sculpts the right way and gradually, thus I do not gain weight as fast if I am forced to take long breaks (which can lasts weeks sometimes).

Don’t ask me if it is good or bad the way I do it. I can only tell you it works for me. I only have to balance it with my diet. That is not going well yet. Thus the forced breaks…

The key to success: Workout, Diet & Discipline/Routine.


Ok, now it is your turn to go sweat (some more)!!!

I added a picture of my equipment. I am a big fan of Body Sculpture, but there are many great brands out there if you start on building your own workout-equipment wardrobe. 



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